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Welcome to rj_challenge-A Rory/Jess Stillness Community
The Challenge
Every week, one picture will be posted and you may submit ONE icon. You can crop, color, add text and use any kind of brushes or other effects as long as your not blending or animating with any other pictures. you may not animate the icon in ANY way-this is a stillness community

Rules for Entering
Post your icons as a comment to the new challenge post. All comments will be screened. Do not post your icons elsewhere or use the icon UNTIL the results have been posted. Icons must be under 40kb, no larger than 100x100
posting example:

do not forget to post the URL

Vote as a comment to the voting post, vote for your three favorites in order, and you MAY NOT vote for yourself. If you vote for yourself, your vote will not count. Voting is screened.

The Winners
1st, 2nd and 3rd places are announced along with Moderator's Choice.

Sunday Night:New challenge
Sunday Night-Friday Evening:Icons are submitted
Friday evening:Voting posted
Friday evenng-Sunday Evening: Voting
Sunday Evening: Results posted

You can pick your banners HERE in this post.

Submitting a Base
If youd like to submit a base, you can submit it here, which contains the guidelines for submitting a base

Suggestions Post
If you have a nice idea for a challenge, or if you just want to say how much you love RJ Challenge, go to this post and speak it up.

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